Wednesday, March 6, 2013

that whole risk thing.......

Hello!  As we all know, life happens fast and things can change in an instant - Bingo! I am on my way to knee replacement.  After all, I would hate to see a whole year go by without at least one health issue to deal with!  Just as I am getting back on my feet from 'spinal issues' last year, my old very well used knee seems to have decided to not work anymore - sigh.  So this little space in the cyber world will be hit and miss for awhile while I maneuver my way through this new challenge.  Needless to say my studio time has been very limited, but I wanted to share with you, AGAIN!, how 'risking' can lead to such blessings!  You know that painting that you think you finished?, but it just keeps demanding you to look at it closer?  Well, yes, I'm sure we all know that painting - here was my latest one - the work below I finished a number of weeks ago and loved it for at least a day!

It had everything I love - form, texture, earthy goodness, but?, hmmmm, it just didn't sing for very long.  So I picked it up and started reworking it.  The first few new marks confirmed that it was indeed in need of reworking - it became better in a very short time and pretty soon I had a new painting - the one  below

oil and wax on panel, 36x36, 'Her Minor Idea'
this new version has a stronger more subtle voice -it appeals to my aesthetic much more - I had to lose some of my fav parts to get here.  But mission accomplished for me. 

I will be back here when I can.  I have new work that I haven't showed you yet, so I will keep checking in when there is a break with new knees and rehab and all that sort of thing.  Carry on!


Judy Shreve said...

Jeane - sorry for the interruption in your work to get new body parts! Getting older is not for the timid. I wish you a speedy recovery! Lots of healing thoughts coming your way.

And I love both of these pieces - I understand the re-work - but wish we could have both of these fabulous paintings in the world.

Be well!

mansuetude said...

Love them both too.

I didn't know a knee would just stop working. Oooff... ouch. Hope my knee doesn't understand any of this. :)

Get better and better soon.

ZenDotStudio said...

Jeane sorry to hear about your knee, but I know you will deal with this in the forth right way you deal with your art! That's one thing about attitude, it translates across all aspects of life. Wishing you well in this and speedy recovery.

And the painting, yes, yes and yes! You are right about the subtlety. It is much more how I think of your work and what I love about it. It is calming and surprising and delicious all at once. I am always in awe of your bravery for forging ahead with revisions on an already very fine painting

WrightStuff said...

If I'm unsure whether to keep on with something I often scan or photograph it, so I keep my 'orignal'. I actually love both of these in their own way. Fabulous textures.

Annie said...

Her Minor Idea looks pretty good!

While it's amazing to think joints can be replaced these days, I know you'll be wanting to have it all over and done with and to be getting back to normal. Just think what a great dancer you'll be afterwards! Sorry we can't all come over to help you eat grapes and tell you jokes. Ax

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

My best wishes on this knee replacement and rehab. Getting back to studio will be the best medicine!
These two are lovely and it is a big risk to take something good and make it better...bravo!
I agree with Annie...I wish we could all drop by with snacks and beverages and loads of jokes!

Amber of Butane Anvil said...

Dear Jeane, I've been away and unable to comment as much, but wanted to say that your recent posts have really resonated. I'll be thinking of you and wishing you all best over the upcoming months, and as always will be glad for however many or few posts you're able to share. Love the stronger horizontals, warmer creams, and bright yellows in the finished painting.

Carole said...

Oh man Jeane!!!! Getting older sucks sometimes, doesn't it! I hope everything goes well for you and that the recovery is easy.

I had to laugh when you said you loved the work for at least a day. Not that I think it's funny but because I know how that happens. Paint, paint, paint.....then it's love, love, love.....then uh nope needs work.....

So if you get bored or frustrated while recovering, feel free to facebook me and we can have a chat.

TAke care, Jeane. xo Carole

Kathryn said...

I know what you mean about working a piece until you feel like it sings. I love the direction you took in it, gorgeous.

ArtPropelled said...

Oh drat! Well, the sooner the knee is replaced the better. Wishing you smooth sailing through your surgery and a speedy recovery Jeane.

I LOVE the new painting. It has a definite calming effect on me.

petra`s kunstblog said...

Oh Jeane.. hope it will be all ok in the next time and be careful /don`t stand to long in the studio
and a friend of mine has said that a little bit circular motion when you go on a bicycle is good for the new knee
and the first work is absolutly wonderful

Chris said...

Hi dear Jeane! Your paintings take me places! Very moving. Sorry to hear about your knee(s). I've had both partial and total knee replacements done. One piece of advise (I'm sure you've had your share!) As soon as you wake up, start tightening your quad muscle. Everytime you think of it do 10. You wil be light years ahead when PT shows up. Prayers for a speedy recovery. xoxo

Daryl said...

love these .. hate you have to have surgery but i am hoping once the new knee is all better you will come back to nyc ... miss you

Jeane said...

Hi Judy and yes! aging is NOT for the timid!! thank you and truly, the older piece lives under and through the new one - I love that! yesterday blended into today xox

yes, mansuetude, parts do just stop or work under duress which is painful and I'm sure your knee didn't understand any of this, many thanks xox

good morning Carole, thank you!! yes, more subtle and warmer - I think that's what kept me coming back - it felt cold and I like both feelings to be present - I never feel brave, I always think 'this is not alive yet' - on we go!! xox

hello wrightstuff, thank you - I'm not much of a saver or collector so it never bothers me to rework - there is always a trace of what was, thanks for coming by :))

Hey Annie, thanks so much - oh how fun that would be to have you all drop by - there would definitely be some heavy laughing and awkward dancing xox

I wish you could too Mary Ann - what a party that would be!!! thanks - and you are so right, studio will be the best medicine after - I expect the work to be full of new directions!! xoxo

many thanks Amber!! me too!! will be watching your posts as always for your ever savvy styling and love those chickens - so sweet! xox

good morning Carole, glad to know that I'm not the only one who has these brief love affairs with new work - too funny!! thank you - I'm expecting it all to turn out just fine and feel way better on the other side xox

many thanks Kathryn, I think so too - it needed to go further for sure :)))

Hey Robyn, many thanks - I'm hopeful that all things will go well and I'll be back to work as spring comes walking in! hope all is well in your world xoxo

hello Petra, things will be much better I'm sure, many thanks and I'm loving what you are showing on your blog posts xoxo

good advice Carole, thank you!! I'm very hopeful and look forward to more then what I'm dealing with now!! xoxo

Hi Daryl, than you!! well, I'm hopeful and time will tell - I'm very hopeful xoxo

Jo Murray said...

I too think it improved Jeane. LOve the subtleties.

Sylvia Teri said...

Sorry too to hear that you are going into hospital for a knee replacement and wanted to wish you the very best for a speedy recovery and return to your studio.
I love the reworking of your last painting. will be looking for your new work in the weeks to

Jeane said...

good morning Jo, thank you so much! it just needed to be pushed a bit further xoxo

hello sylvia, many thanks and I'm so glad you came by and left a comment :)))

Jan Ward said...

Life mirroring painting - it's just a little rework (surgery) to give you a more subtle appearance, just as you did with your painting. Often we resist letting go of the good parts of ourselves, usually due to fear. In the end we often receive so much more.

Jeane said...

good morning Jan, what a wonderful analogy! thank you, so glad you stopped by :))

Lisa Nagel said...

wow great! love it!!! please take a look at my blog, too!

Seth said...

Wishing you the best with the surgery and a quick and uneventful recovery. stunning painting. I will always admire your willingness (need?) to work and work on a single piece until it truly says to you that it is complete.

Jeane said...

hello Lisa, thank you so much, so happy you came by :)))

good morning Seth, thank you - I know the life is in the painting, I just have to dig deep until I find it!! xox