Friday, February 21, 2014

'working and only working'

Basically, 'working'  is what I have been doing for the past month!!  No major breakthroughs, no major events, no major anything - just doing my art practice.  A cup of tea, a warm up, a painting session, clean up and then home.  That's it!!  How does this work for me?  EXTREMELY WELL!!  I can see the results of this 'working zone' environment in my newer work.  It feels more fully 'cooked' - I have completed all my obligations and am not lining anything else up for months!! I have one more private student and then I truly want to keep my focus on my personal development as an artist.  Life of course will continually interrupt this mindset, but that is to be expected.  I'm excited.  As I hauled my art 'demo' supplies back up to my studio this afternoon, I knew that would be the last demo/talk I do again for a very very long time.  Some of us are created to show and tell and others of us are NOT!  I'm of the 'not' variety.  I am of the 'working' type.  Just working and then doing it again, and again, and again.  And then some more!!  The painting below I finished this week -

oil and cold wax on panel, 30x30, Her Island Of Dreams
The weekend is rolling in and I hope you all have fabulous plans!!  See you back here soon!! I'll be here working, just working..........


ZenDotStudio said...

it's a beauty, Jeane. the benefits of work are truly obvious here. happy weekend after a week well spent.

Bren Graham Thebeau said...

I am so with you on this one, show and tell is not my strength either, doing the work is where I find strength. Love the new piece and the one in your banner, feels like mining for gold!


I like it very much!

Wyn Vogel said...

I love it - go for it Jeane as I am sure we and you will see the rewards - sometimes there is a feeling of guilt taking this time out - but I think it is needed - as a creative, to restore your soul and your balance - enjoy!!

Carole Reid said...

Holy cow Jeane it's great to be here again catching up with your work and life. I had to laugh when I read in a previous post about wear ear buds now while you paint. It's just the opposite here for me with my studio in my house I like to work with the music blaring. Hmmm I wonder if my neighbours wear ear buds to block my music?
Have a great weekend. We had another snowfall so my croci have been flattened. Blecccckkkkk February!

Veronica Stewart said...

This piece is lovely! I spent about 3 days "working" too, but it was actually "healing" of the spirit.

Jeane Myers said...

good morning Carole, thank you! yep, you know me and the work!!happy weekend to you too! xo

yah, we all have our different paths for sure Bren - I'll leave show and tell to those that do it so well!! you and I can just putter away and let the work speak for us!! ha! xo

hell boutriack, thank you so much and so glad you stopped by and left a comment :))

yes, Wyn, restoration for our balance is a very good way to put it!! And being true to what we do best!! :))

good to see you here Carole, oh, yes, loud, loud music was my way working in my little shed!! it could fill the space for me until the work finally took over!! it's a good way!! yes, snow expected here today also!! almost through this month!! yea! xo

thank you Veronica, oh that sounds like a bit of heaven, healing the spirit!! good for you :))

Annie said...

How great is that, to just get on and work! This new piece hints for me of the chalk landscapes that are home for me here. It's beautiful. Ax

Patrick Lucas said...

very interresting work on the material, the masses and shades of color!
I love

Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Work leads to more work and wonderful break outs and some days not so much ... it is the showing up, the mixing, the painting ... the work!! I turn the music up when I'm trying to hurry the man out for my studio time ... it works!

Jeane Myers said...

it's super great Annie!! Oh, your chalk landscapes, yes, and in person even more so, many thanks xo

Hello Patrick, yes, thank you so much, glad you came by :))

so, so, so, true Mary Ann - work, work and then some more work - oh, that made me laugh so hard about turning your music up and the exit of your man, good one!! xo

Judy Martin said...

Work work work.
That is what I want to do too.
I love what you have said in this post and in more recent ones as well about laying in the bones and garden gloves and pigment powders.
Even though you are not doing show and tell, you are letting us see your process with this blog, and for that I thank you.
Blogging takes time away from your practice - but it does give you back a document of your own studio work in chronological order. Thank you for this blog.

petra`s kunstblog said...

her island of dreams is really a dream.