Monday, November 3, 2014


I finished my first large panel!!  I did take pics as I went along, not as many as I could, but when I remembered I grabbed a snap!  This was such an amazing experience that I ordered two more and will order even larger ones as time passes!!  It was apparently time to move onto a larger surface.

the final piece
oil and cold wax on panel, 48x60, 'Thirteen Cents Worth'
Then this past Saturday I had an opening at Simon Mace Gallery.  My family was here and we had just the very best time during gallery walk!!  Below is a pic of part of our little posse!

Let's just say, we partied and then partied again!!

AND NOW FOR EXCITING NEWS!! I have new representation in Portland Oregon.  Gallery 903!! Ask me if I'm excited! That happened last week and I'm just now returning to earth!!  This is a gorgeous gallery and has amazing owners and artists.  I'm truly honored to be represented by them.  You can go to, see amazing works and even take a virtual tour!! Also you can like them on facebook! 

November has blown in and I don't seem to mind.  Large panels, cold wax, oil paint - that seems to be more then enough!  Be back here soon.......

Thursday, October 16, 2014

hints of color

I love when a clear transition manifests itself!  For the past month, color has been staying put on my surfaces - Yep! that's right color!  Now color for me can just mean deeper hues or stronger undertones, but color non the less.  As I continue to experiment with the dry pigments (only two colors) I'm finding how my palette can be a bit more deeply enhanced.  At least that's what I'm doing today and a few yesterdays, like about three weeks.  Of course that can all disappear on another day yet to come, but for now, color.  The photo below is a painting I finished today.  See! Color!

mixed media on panel, 36x36, 'One Whisper, One Lie'

And I'm still loading my fabulous large panels - pic below of where it is at this moment...

and I've been culling my work, looking for weak paintings.  I pulled about five that I wanted to rework.  The first thing I did was play around for with all my panels like pieces of a puzzle, putting together diptychs and triptychs........I was so sore the next day from moving them all around - anyway I got one diptych out of that workout!! These two works together made a much stronger work in my opinion!! 

mixed media on panel, 60x40, 'Clocks, Clouds and Gingerbread'
So that's pretty much what I have been up to.  My days are completely jammed, but the studio time makes all the other parts doable!  Be back soon.......

Monday, October 6, 2014


So excited!!  Even though my life is still sideways, and will be for some time, I have been able to get back on somewhat of a schedule in my studio!! But that's not the exciting part, well actually that is pretty exciting, but - the exciting part is I have had two large panels built - they are 60x48 - I am excited!  This is the biggest I've worked in a very long time.  The picture below shows part of one of the large panels next to a 24x24 on my easel.  You can see I've started to load paint onto the surface.....

Will try and take pics as I go so you can see the process...........the next pic is the one that is on the easel that I finished today.....
mixed media on panel, 24x24, 'Content Filter'

Hopefully I will be back here soon with progress photos.......Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

when life goes sideways.......

When life goes sideways, PAINT!  My personal life has been sideways for almost two months, studio time at its lowest in years and exhaustion the leader of the parade!  BUT, even an hour once a week makes all things better!!  Just being in my space to collect ear buds, several books and my fav gum, makes a difference.  I know I've said this many many times before, but I can't say it enough - I am so lucky to have my art as a tool to balance myself in the world.........this is the first week in a very long time I have had time in the studio to work.  I feel like a human again.  I slept like a baby last night!  And I actually finished a piece today.  The photo below is a little number I have worked on for the last couple of months when I would steal into the studio.  It has become a good friend....

mixed media on panel, 24x24, '52 in a 35'
I woke up one morning and summer had slipped away and Fall had entered painting everything with burnt colors.  Our window is still open at night, but the dark marine air greets us in the mornings now.  I have begun wearing a scarf, boots and long sleeves - the jacket just rides with me in the car, but soon it will be part of the things I start the day with.............

Hopefully I will be back here soon with some of the fav things I have found in the past weeks!  Happy Fall everyone, or at least everyone on this side of the world......

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

positive experience

People are amazing!!  It was the open studio tour here in our small town this past weekend.  WOW!  I was totally blessed meeting incredible people.  I do very little tidying up, just a quick floor sweep, and one quick garbage detail and then putting all wet and drippy pieces under tables so people aren't walking out with paint smears and bits and pieces of whatever is lying on the floor stuck to their shoes.  It's a working studio and so I leave it that way.

When a stranger walks into your personal work space, you never know what to expect.   Negative, positive, indifference,  or someone looking for a public restroom or directions to a good restaurant!! However?, on Saturday?, it was amazing.  In one day I talked with other working artists, writers, photographers, sculptors  in both wood and clay, designers, and people new to the world of visual art!! It was an exceptional day full of experiences I will never forget.  Lucky me!

There is change in the air - our light is starting to leave and the sun is getting a bit lower in the sky each day.  I have started some new work moving in a bit of a new direction.  Nothing to show yet, but stay tuned.  I only had a short time to work today so I finished the piece I was using for demos during the studio tour.

Mixed media on panel, 24x24, 'A Slab of Consideration'

Summer speeding away, so will be here more often!  See you soon!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

light and dark.....

I've heard people say to me for years, "Oh, you must have been in a bad place when you painted that, the dark colors.", or "wow! things must really be going great for you right now, your colors are so light!"  Actually, neither one of those statements are true.  I paint dark paintings and I paint lighter paintings and paintings in between light and dark.  I paint them because at that particular moment I like the contrast of dark colors, or the softness of lighter colors.  And other times, I like a balance of light and dark.  It's a choice.  I adore the richness of a dark palette and the softness of a light palette.  They both give me pleasure.  Personally?  I believe the person looking at the painting is truly speaking about their response to the work.  I'm never more happy then when I'm painting.  I mean I wear a ton of black, but not because I'm depressed - I just like black!!  Here are two paintings I just finished recently, one dark, one light.  They both give me pleasure.

mixed media on panel, 30x30, 'A Sip Of Dawn'

mixed media on panel, 24x24, 'It's Plural For Raspberry'
And another interesting I tried to paint with just the cold wax and oil paint like I did all last year, but I couldn't.  It wasn't enough for me.  I wanted to do an oil pour, plus the cold wax, dry pigments and paint.  So I did.  It's all become my process now.  It takes way longer and even longer yet to dry, but I love the delicious cocktail of those products worked together. 

I also have been experimenting with just pours of walnut oil and paint on surfaces.  It will be a miracle if they ever dry, but oh they are really really interesting.

We summer on and enjoy each minute of it!  Blackberries warm from the sun at twilight.  See you all again soon.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

It is an art..........

It is an art - painting our truth, or what may not be 'popular'.  There are so many ways to stray from our own personal voice.  It took me years to separate what I was attracted to and what was actually 'me'.  Sometimes there is a real separation - I worked very hard for a long time to paint an aesthetic I was attracted to - It was something I enjoyed looking at, but I was never able to get there.  The work was always 10 beats behind - the painting was overworked, had no energy, and I was always disappointed.  Or someone would comment on a piece in a positive way and that was then the way I directed my work....because someone else said it was a good piece.  Again, I was always 10 beats behind and disappointed.  Then I switched to oil paint and completely forgot about what people said or an aesthetic I was attracted to.  I just wanted to paint.  Those paints changed the way I came to my work.  I was no longer trying, I was just there with the paint and reacting to what was happening on the surface in front of me.......then along came 'cold wax medium' and the other shoe dropped.  I was home. These were the right tools for me.

Don't get me wrong, those years of being 10 beats behind?, gave me a very strong base - I developed my color palette, learned glazing techniques, spent two years just working on patinas, learned about surfaces and a boat load of other stuff.  So when the right tools fell into my hands, I was ready to go.  Funny that something as simple as an oil paint instead of acrylic and a medium freed me to start using my personal voice.    Of course I still make huge messes, fall 10 beats behind and continue to create disappointments, but now I know that I can take a huge mess and move it forward, put the 10 beats behind and move forward 5 beats and any initial disappointment becomes a challenge.  The piece I'm sharing today is a case in point -

mixed media on panel, 36x36, 'Deeply Cut'
this piece hasn't garnered attention from other people nor do the colors (aesthetic) appeal to a large population, yet this painting thrills me.  It is one of my favorites and I never tire of looking at it and that has become more then enough for me.    This completed something in me - it's more to me then good technique, proper balance, popular colors, or just a popular thing right feels like home.  That's a very good thing.