Saturday, August 15, 2015

slow progression

I was trying to remember when the paperwork began to become part of my art practice.  I mean truly, it has been a slow progression.  In the beginning the only paper of import was what I was currently applying paint to.  It must have begun at a very minimal level about two or three years ago when pieces began to sell every once in awhile.  And then gradually more paperwork began to accompany the making of art.  As I was sitting at my little office area a week ago, I looked at my dismal attempt at keeping records and was struck by the different roads I have traveled on this amazing art journey.  I can't say any one time was better then another, just different!  My nephew and I were recently in my little backyard studio that my husband built for me almost 15 years ago now - we were going through old work to see if there was anything he wanted before I started cleaning out the space.  After about an hour he said, 'wow Aunt Jeane, you have done so many things in here!'  It made me stop and realize that, YES! I have!  There was painting, assemblage, collage, falling apart attempts of god only knows what, clay sculpture, a cardboard phase, a gauze phase, bins of rusted bits, painted boards and on and on.  I tried on so many things but have always returned to painting.  The work I'm doing now feels exactly where I'm supposed to be.  It continues to be a challenge and the desire to try on different things has faded, but I am always pushing the edges.  So when I look at my little messy office area pictured below

office area

to my work area a few feet away

work area

I tell myself, this must be the natural progression of a working art practice.  Things are bound to evolve and grow if we keep going.  I was tempted many times to pack it all in.  So happy I decided to continue on.

Hope you are all continuing on!

Saturday, July 25, 2015


Hello everyone!  I wanted to pass on some very exciting news for all of you seeking tips, tricks and just info on 'cold wax medium'.  A book with all that fabulous info will be coming out next summer!  Now I know some of you already know this and maybe I'm 10 beats behind on passing the info on, but just in case you didn't know!  Rebecca Crowell and Jerry McLaughlin are collaborating on the book and you can follow its progress at   

On other fronts, I haven't skipped a beat since my move into my new space!  Some of my art friends said that my work would be impacted by the new space, specifically in how I worked - huh?  I was skeptical that that would be one of the things that would happen, but guess what!  It has happened - just the distance I'm able to move away from the work has made a difference in how I work!  Geez! Who knew!  Getting far enough away from the work gives me new eyes - It's rather hard to explain, but for those of you who think I work in broad gestures and large strokes, I don't.  I work really quite small, working one small section at a time, moving onto the next and then the next, more like a quilt, then it's all covered up and began again.  So being able to move farther away gives me the broad look I need!  Wow, this doesn't even make sense to me when I read it, but maybe a few of you can get the idea.  

Anyway, more news.  Gallery903 has offered me a, wait for it, a SOLO show next year.  I'm thrilled!  I have never had a solo show before.  It will be a huge challenge for me and I'm looking forward to it! AND they sold the large triptych two days ago!  They only had it for a week and someone bought it!  Plus they bought another smaller piece at the same time.  I was a bit stunned!  Celebrations ensued!

Before I go I'll leave you with a piece I finished on Friday,

mixed media on panel, 48x60

Will be back soon!  Make art!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

new space

Hello!  Yes, I have been absent for awhile, but not idle!  So much going on, but I will keep to the high points.

We had an amazing family road trip to Yellowstone!  We rented a house in West Yellowstone and spent three days in the park.  I truly don't believe we even scratched the surface......and this is not our first trip!  It was so much fun.......

When we got home, I moved my studio.  I truly loved my old space.  I spent two and a half years in it and just in the past 6 months, I outgrew it.  Who knew!  The dance studio next door became available and I grabbed it!  It's double my old space.  So it was a pretty easy move, out one door, turn right and into another door!  I can't tell you what a difference this has made.  It is the first time I have been able to actually get far enough away from the work to really see it.  Here are a few pictures to give you an idea.....

This shows my work area from the other side of the studio

A little different angle
the opposite wall and my little office/seating area
More news.  Six months ago I had the privilege of having two amazing galleries represent my work.  It was an absolute wonderful experience and truly one I never expected.  But as all things go,  sometimes we have the things that seem so right turn out not be be so right.  I came to the conclusion after success at both galleries, that I had to let one go.  This came late to me in life and to be honest, I couldn't keep up with two galleries.  I worked constantly.  I missed my life!  I barely saw my husband, friends and most of all, I missed my ART PRACTICE!  I had no time to explore!  As you know if you have followed this blog for any length of time, I'm a strong believer in the practice of our art.  My goal has always been to become the best artist I can be, which in reality, I doubt I will ever accomplish since it's a constant journey!  Anyway I made the hard decision and am now represented exclusively by Gallery903 in Portland Oregon and I feel so much better.  I can breath again.  My physical challenges make many things I do exhausting, doable, but very challenging.  Anyway, I have been exploring, painting and loving my art practice again!  

I'll leave you with a current painting that just went to a collector last week:

mixed media on panel, 24x60, 'Paper Airplanes'
Hope you are all having a wonderful, wonderful summer!  Until next time..........

Friday, June 5, 2015


Before we all go off for the weekend, I wanted to share with you the finished triptych I started almost two months ago.  Never has anything pushed my edges as much as this challenge.  I learned more in two months working on this then I have learned in the past two years.  Would I do it again?, well not anytime soon, but yes, I would.  Maybe once a year, something this large would be a good thing.  I'll be able to answer that after a few months.  Anyway..........

untitled, mixed media on panel, triptych, 6'x9'

here is a side view to give you an idea of scale....

as soon as it dries it will be headed to Gallery903 in Portland!  We have a beautiful weekend rolling in and I'm really looking forward to some summer activities!  back here soon.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

checking in!

Hello!!  Just checking in!  Not much changing in my world - painting, painting and more painting!  I continue to work on the triptych and am challenged more then I thought.  When it is complete will show and tell.  I will be moving my studio hopefully in July!  I am excited about that!  having more space will give much needed breathing room!  Summer is starting to poke her head in occasionally and those are the best days ever.  Light, longer days, and warm, warm, warm!  My body loves that heat!  Below is a painting I finished a few weeks ago........

mixed media on panel, 48x48, 'Goodbye Mr. G'

It is now available at Gallery903 in Portland, Oregon.  

Hope you are all creating, creating and creating!

Will be back here soon!

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Yes! I'm still here!  Been working, working and working some more!  Wanted to put up a quick post to show you what I'm doing!  For years I have dreamed of painting wall size and guess what!  I have the opportunity to come close!  I'm working on a triptych 6'x9'.  I am in the early stages and very excited.  Gallery 903 in Portland asked if I would be willing to paint one for the gallery.  Uh, yes!  I have spent the last month prepping to do the work.  Had to create a work space in my studio, order the panels and paint!  I wish I was in my new studio space (will share my move in a later post), but I am making this work.  The pic below shows the panels ready to start the work.  The painting in front is a 48x48 to give you an idea of the scale.

this next pic is what I left in the studio on Friday when I quit working.  It has the second layer of cold wax and oil paint.  In the very early stages.

this project was originally a commission, but the buyer backed out so now I have the freedom to just do a painting without having to meet certain criteria.  A true dream project for me.  I can just paint!! Will keep you posted on the progress.  And of course I continue to paint smaller works while this guy takes time drying in between.  The next pic is the painting I used in the first photo to show scale.

48x48 mixed media on panel, '6 Deep', available at Gallery903,

Much going on here.  Hope it won't be so long before I'm back here again.  I miss you guys.  I hope this finds you all on amazing creative journeys. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Learning blogsy

I'm in the process of learning 'blogsy'. This is a blog posting app I can use on my ipad. I'm sure there are many of you who have already mastered this and I commend you! It's a few notches above my skill level. At present my time is very limited on my main computer due to the ever crumbling back. So I am using my ipad 90% of the time now! I've had to make changes to how I work and am thankful for the technology I have to do that. My iPhone is my camera now and excels over my little digital camera I used for years. I can 'airdrop' the images from my phone to my ipad, edit them in my photo app and send them via dropbox, email or a number of other ways. I can do all of this resting my back while laying on my bed. Very thankful!

I had the privilege of delivering a painting to a clients home about a month ago. As many of you know, we seldom get to see where our work ends up. They wanted me to stay while they hung it and it was an amazing experience. What happened after the work was hung was a new experience for me. The clients energy from their home infused the painting that was once just me. It was totally unexpected and I will never forget it. They were kind enough to send me photos.

Well wish me luck on posting this. I'll be sharing more ways that I am changing how I work in the studio later. And if any of you are local, come by Howard/Mandville Gallery in Kirkland next Saturday for the Introductions Show featuring the five newest artists, me being one of those lucky people! The reception will be from 4pm to 6pm. You can go to, click on shows for all the info.