About Me

I'm a contemporary abstract painter working in mixed media.

At present my work reflects two ideas - points of connection and mapping. 'Points of connection' are created by the everyday momentary connections we make such as hands touching, whispers in the ear, stepping into a hot bath, first taste of our favorite food, etc. Each moment causes a sensation and then passes. Much of my work is about that moment of contact.

Mapping is about my love of the idea of connecting the dots in our lives. All the lines intersecting and then the path veers, loops, ends, starts again somewhere else. We go forward and backward, we stand still, we sink, we stumble, we fall, - this action or lack of it, intrigues me. These two interests drive my current work.

Jeane Myers 2015


Bédard Michèle said...

I love that! I love your work and what you say about it. Keep on going please, don't stop, never! I am also a painter and the energy in your work gives me wings to go further.

Jeane Myers said...

thank you so much Michele :))

Sandy Densem Artist said...

I have just discovered you, and so pleased too! Your work is charged with energy and layered with memories and the challenges of your life. its wonderful and inspirational and magical. Keep on going, and I know the work will continue to sustain and nourish you thru your grief and adjustments. blessings!

Unknown said...

I have also just discovered you Jeane, and just love your work! Very inspiring! :))

Tt said...

I recently started to paint and am in love with your paintings and with what you have to say about them.